Flying With Firearms: What you Need to Know About Flying Domestically With Firearms

If you conceal carry and travel you must know that domestic air travel doesn’t mean you need be unarmed when you get to your travel destination.  Whether you travel for work or vacation you can take your firearms with you when done legally and correctly.  I fly domestically about 5-10 times a year.  Most of the time with at least one firearm.  Sometimes for work, sometimes for training classes, sometimes for vacation.  I will try to provide some guidance to reduce some of the mystery and challenges of flying with your firearms based on my resources and experiences. 

Why Carry O/C Pepper Spray in Your Everyday Carry?

I am asked this question often..."Why should I carry pepper spray?".  Here is a short list of why many self defense experts, including myself,  recommend carrying OC or Oleoresin Casicum/pepper spray.  Pepper spray is a highly effective force multiplier when used in a self defense situations.  Consider these reasons whether you carry a firearm, utilize martial arts training for self defense, or just want a force multiplier to help you win a violent attack.

Three things that can make you safer…immediately

  • When in a public building, look for exits. 

Carrying out day to day activities will probably include going into a building. When in a building whether it’s a theater, grocery store, office building.  Check for exits other than the one you entered through.  If something dangerous happens you wont have to take precious time to locate those alternative exits under stress.  This will allow you to tend to getting yourself and your loved ones out quickly. 

What is Situational Awareness?

People often ask what is situational awareness and how do I get it?  Well the most simple definition is “Paying attention to what is going on around you”.  Simply said,  pay attention.

Now that is cleared up let’s talk about how to develop situational awareness to keep yourself safe.