What is Situational Awareness?

People often ask what is situational awareness and how do I get it?  Well the most simple definition is “Paying attention to what is going on around you”.  Simply said,  pay attention.

Now that is cleared up let’s talk about how to develop situational awareness to keep yourself safe. 

First must recognize that you can’t be completely aware 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It would be exhausting!  A good start is to recognize the places you are most vulnerable to crime. Those places can be parking lots, gas stations, convenience stores, and anywhere you are “transitioning” from one place to another.  Once you recognize these vulnerable areas for you and you loved ones you can “turn on” a heightened awareness by looking around and surveying any obvious potential threats.

 Secondly, Practice evaluating what situations may put you at risk.  This can be done by asking yourself if any particular situation  makes you a target to a criminal.  Is there a task that requires that you be distracted, is this place statistically prone to armed robbery(bank, convenience store), are you by yourself in a strange area?  These are a few of the basic questions that can help you evaluate each situation.  Keep practicing this evaluation skill until it becomes second nature.  

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