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Please be patient with us!  We are updating our schedule and classes.  We have big news for the 2nd quarter of 2017 including new classes and some new industry partners.  In the meantime we're doing private classes and professional development. Check back soon! 

MARCH 2017

  • Monday 13th Private Class
  • Wednesday 15th Private Class
  • Thursday 16th-Monday 20th  Tactical Conference (Little Rock, AR)
  • Friday 24th Private Class


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Defensive Mindset and Sabre Red Pepper Spray Washington Street Community Center

Defensive Mindset and Pepper Spray - This fast paced class focuses on development of a defensive mindset and situational awareness then moves on to the correct and effective use  of Sabre Red Pepper Spray as a criminal deterrent.  This wil be a very frank and comprehensive lecture.  This class has a discussion component and a physically active component teaching students to properly deploy OC Pepper Spray as a deterrent.  Students will be utilizing OC/ Pepper Spray placebos to simulate possible appropriate situations where OC is utilized.

Pepper Spray is only one tool that can be utilized in self-defense situations.  We will be addressing many of the most common available self defense tools, things to consider when making these choices, and other resources for self defense.  

Class includes: Lecture, study materials, two inert pepper spray practice devices, targets, and a half hour practice session.

Class size is capped at 15 students to ensure proper technique and all students have mastered necessary skills.

All portions of this class are coed.

Defensive Mindset 6:00pm-7:30pm - Slots Available 0/15

Pepper Spray/Self Defense Scenario Training 7:30-8:00pm  - Slots Available 0/15

Also covered:

  • Criminals and victim selection
  • Criminal mindset
  • Identifying vulnerable situations
  • NEW - Active Shooter Statistics and Survival
  • Mental toughness and mindset
  • Verbal commands and emotional control
  • Personal choices for self defense and self defense tools: advantages/disadvantages
  • When to utilize OC/Pepper Spray and other tools
  • Utilizing OC/Pepper Spray to maximize successful deployment
  • Decontamination after deployment
  • Practice session with OC/Pepper Spray placebos
Washington Street Community Center
809 South Washington Street
Denver, CO 80209

2 hours
Due to community needs this class is now complimentary and will go on "wait list" status when the first 15 seats are taken.   Do not enter a credit card number or register.  To reserve a seat at this time email or with your name and RSVP.  
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