Three things that can make you safer…immediately

  • When in a public building, look for exits. 

Carrying out day to day activities will probably include going into a building. When in a building whether it’s a theater, grocery store, office building.  Check for exits other than the one you entered through.  If something dangerous happens you wont have to take precious time to locate those alternative exits under stress.  This will allow you to tend to getting yourself and your loved ones out quickly. 

  • Remember where you parked.

 Sounds simple but statistically parking lots are some of the most dangerous areas. Survey the parking lot for potential threats, go straight to your car, look around again, load your car if needed, get in, lock the doors, and leave.  When searching for your car, you are distracted by finding it instead of identifying potential danger. 

  • Don’t fixate on you phone when in a public area. 

Criminals look for distracted victims to strike quickly and anonymously.  Cell phones make great distractions.  When looking at your phone you can miss obvious “cues” that happen before you become a target. 

These three basic changes in how you conduct your day to day activities can help keep you safer.   It takes practice and being mindful of breaking habits that may make you more vulnerable. Keep practicing and it will be an easy part of your day.