Don't be the victim

At Both Eyes Open Training LLC our classes are designed to keep you and your family safe from potential danger. The price paid by an individual and your loved ones is high when violent crimes occur.  Emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual consequences of being a victim of a crime are high and not always forseeable.  Comfort and mental health depends on our abillity to function in our day to day activities and keep ourselves and those around us safe.  

Our goal is to optimize your ability to avoid potential violent situations and becoming a victim of crime in general.  Our objectives are increasing your knowledge of spotting potential danger, being prepared when the worst happens, and training for danger if the worst happens.  We focus on worst case scenarios in our foundational classes.  Potential attackers, armed robbery, active shooter, sexual assault, other scenarios are closely examined and discussed in Both Eyes Classes.  

We offer self defense classes using OC/Pepper Spray with certified Sabre Red instructors to maximize your utilization of this self defense modality.  Techniques are taught to the student to carry pepper spray, when to engage an attacker, how to minimize self contamination, and how to decontaminate when self contaminated.  Students are encouraged to participate in physical deployment scenarios to ensure proper deployment and safety.  We are Sabre Red Dealers and you can order directly from the Sabre website at

 Custom designed classes are available for your company or group.  We will tailor our presentations to your unique group or company needs after careful research and observation.   Private classes are available seven days a week and can be booked by contacting Mary McAllister at

Both Eyes will also have Guest Speakers that are the top experts in the nation on self defense, personal safety, crime, situational awareness, and mental health.  Classes will be announced in advance and seating will be limited. Keep checking for more information and special announcements.

Both Eyes Open motto: Awareness, Preparedness, Training

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