Why Carry O/C Pepper Spray in Your Everyday Carry?

I am asked this question often..."Why should I carry pepper spray?".  Here is a short list of why many self defense experts, including myself,  recommend carrying OC or Oleoresin Casicum/pepper spray.  Pepper spray is a highly effective force multiplier when used in a self defense situations.  Consider these reasons whether you carry a firearm, utilize martial arts training for self defense, or just want a force multiplier to help you win a violent attack.

  • Adds another force multiplier in addition to carrying a firearm (not every self defense situation requires lethal force)
  • Lightweight, portable, and concealable
  • Legal to have in sight vs a firearm*
  • Legal to carry in 50 states (specific rules apply)**
  • Effective on impaired attackers(involuntary eye close via irritant)
  • Creates distance quickly
  • Can be used on multiple attackers
  • Easy to learn effective deployment
  • Readily available when lethal force is not appropriate
  • Inexpensive to obtain and have multiple sources

Both Eyes Open Training recommends Sabre Red OC/Pepper Spray.  Sabre Red is the hottest OC/Pepper Spray on the market and is carried by the most law enforcement agencies in the United States.  Sabre also has the most comprehensive choices for carry options as well.  

ORDER YOUR SABRE RED PEPPER SPRAY TODAY!!. ***   https://www.sabrered.com/ref/20949/1 

To book a certified Sabre Red class with Both Eyes Open Training contact us at info@botheyes.training or call (303)246-7496

*Not to be taken as legal advice. Firearm brandishing in Colorado may be considered class 2 misdemeanor disorderly conduct or class 5 felony menacing

**No Restrictions in Colorado. Some states have legal restrictions. Consult your state laws.

***This is an affiliate link